Backyard Culture Challenge in the city of Daegu, South Korea

On a beautiful spring cherry blossom Saturday, 2nd of April, Kyungpook National University organized a special...

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ESAA working group members met again in Amsterdam

In beginning of March, ESAA working group members met in Amsterdam to evaluate the progress of the organisation...

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Call for projects: Go Social with ESAA

The overall objective of the ESAA Social Projects funding scheme is to empower ESAA members to see their socially...

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Call for Projects: Organise your own ESAA event!

Did you know that you can get funding up to 5000 Euro to organize an activity for ESAA members in your region*?

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Children Finding Voices

During the month of October and November, ESN Romania sections organized the events designed for the ESAA funded...

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Building bridge between East & West project by ESN Turkey

The project aims to bring Erasmus students and refugees together and enable an environment for them where they can...

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Old(er) Friends: New Memories; Fighting loneliness.

Fighting loneliness. Exchanging cultures. Making a difference. Those were our main goals when we launched “Old(er)...

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Football makes Friends

In cooperation with the Jena university sports club (USV Jena) and funded by ESAA’s social programme the Erasmus...

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SocialErasmus with Invisible Limits: Education in outdoor environment

On 21nd of October was the opening of the activity of "SocialErasmus with Invisible Limits: Education in outdoor...

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ESAA - Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance

We offer Erasmus+ students and alumni a dynamic platform for networking, professional development and intercultural exchange.

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