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Call for CMS Soft Skills Training, 27-29 November, Cologne Germany

The overall objective of the CMS Soft Skills Training scheme is to support the professional development Students...

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Call for participants: Regional capacity building workshop

Call for participants: Regional capacity building workshop on the role of trade in cross border higher education...

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Tendering Procedure: videos for ESAA

Tendering Procedure for the delivery of a set of videos for ESAA. Within the framework of its awareness raising...

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ESAA CMS Competitions 2015 - Business Development

Support professional development Students and Alumni in Erasmus+ programms.

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Do you have a project, organisation, or company that you have not been able to develop, launch, or scale to its...

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Go social with ESAA - 2nd round

You want to create positive change in your community? You have a burning idea for a social project but don’t have...

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Organise your own ESAA event - 2nd round

Did you know that you can get funding up to 5000 Euro to organise an activity for ESAA members in your region*? We...

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ESAA - Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance

We offer Erasmus+ students and alumni a dynamic platform for networking, professional development and intercultural exchange.

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