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Call for projects

This scheme aims to encourage and enable volunteers all over the world to join forces and implement projects on the ground, which are in line with ESAA's aims, promote Erasmus+ and are of mutual interest of the EC and the volunteers.

The project proposal generally must be aligned with at least one of the supported clusters: strengthening higher education quality; spreading Erasmus+ and widening participation; increasing social inclusion, empowerment, and capacity building, although differentiated or thematic calls might also be published.

IMPORTANT: The next call and relevant dates will be announced in due course. The content of this webpage will be modified/added accordingly.

Supported Project Topics

Cluster 1: Strengthening Higher Education Quality

This cluster looks to encourage projects that serve to improve higher education. The cluster includes five components:

  1. Increase skill development (e.g. Create peer mentorship programmes that promote skills development).
  2. Increase quality assurance (e.g. Pilot projects to involve students in the quality assurance processes of transnational courses).
  3. Facilitate degree recognition (e.g. Create an international data base of procedures and processes to gain diploma recognition).
  4. Facilitate equal access (e.g. Video series featuring success stories in higher education access).
  5. Increase employability (e.g. Offer career trainings to underserved populations).

Cluster 2: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation

This cluster aims to support the promotion of Erasmus+ and to increase participation in Erasmus+ initiatives and programmes. The cluster includes four components:

  1. Increase international cooperation (e.g. Seminar with different organisations involved in education covering the promotion of E+).
  2. Increase knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme (e.g. Organise promotional activities at different universities or other relevant institutions).
  3. Facilitate access to Erasmus+ (e.g. Organise information sessions on how to access Erasmus+ programmes with marginalised students).
  4. Training extra EU universities on the Erasmus+ programme (e.g. Provide trainings for international officers at universities in countries with limited representation in Erasmus+ countries).

Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation

This cluster encourages members of the ESAA Member Organisations to consider issues of social justice and work to address equity concerns and better serve marginalised populations. This cluster includes three components:

  1. Give voice to marginalised populations (e.g. Video series on the experiences of marginalised students in higher education)
  2. Facilitate understanding across cultures, religions, and political divides (e.g. research projects on cross-cultural encounters)
  3. Cultural heritage (e.g. culture showcasing at ESAA events)

Cluster 4: Capacity Building

This cluster aims to increase the capacity of ESAA, Erasmus+ participants, and youth to better engage and participate in varied opportunities. This cluster includes four components:

  1. Develop networking platforms and opportunities (e.g. Organising a networking event for Erasmus+ alumni and potential employers)
  2.  Develop knowledge exchange opportunities (e.g. organising a marketplace to find short-term housing in Asia)
  3. Provide trainings and skill enhancement to network members and beyond (e.g. project management in remote organisations)
  4. Facilitate collaboration among member organisations and members of different member organisations (e.g. create a platform where members of ESAA can meet and plot projects together)