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2022-05-18Project News

Erasmus+ Volunteer Management Training

25 volunteers from the OCEANS network and the African Student and Alumni Forum (ASAF) participated in a three-weekend training in March to learn more about attracting and motivating of…

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2022-05-04Project News

We are international!

The project title in fact summarises the main objective of this seminar and the outcomes that we want to reach…

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2022-04-12Project NewsGeneral News

Podcast Erasmus and its special guests

The Podcast Erasmus was filmed and produced online between December 2021-February 2022 hosted on YouTube. The aim of the podcast is to develop alumni and stakeholder engagement to…

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2022-04-04Project News

Erasmus+ Training on Effective Fundraising Strategies

On 17-20 March 2022, over 20 Erasmus+ students and alumni from Asia, Africa and Europe gathered in Cairo, Egypt to learn about fundraising and the various sources of funding that can…

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2022-04-01Project News

Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network

Erasmus+ Stands for PeaceWhen is the right time to stand up for peace? Now. Today. Everyday! The Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network aims to capitalize on the youth’s passion to make a…

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2022-04-01Project NewsGeneral News

First Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2022 closed

The first call for ESAA Project Ideas in 2022 closed Tuesday, 29th of March 2022 at 10:00 (CET).

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ESN Portugal National Capacity Building Plan 2021

We have the ambition to promote knowledge transfer and competency development, to provide volunteers with new tools, to ensure that all the positions in ESN Portugal are guaranteed and…

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2022-03-02Project News

Developing Excellence in Leadership

Erasmus+ alumni from across our global network participated in a sixteen-week leadership workshop series to develop essential skills for working in teams, motivating others and being…

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2022-03-01Project News

Students’ Erasmus Experiences During the COVID Pandemic…

Erasmus exchanges, international travel, and a global pandemic: what could possibly go wrong? In a three-part interview documentary, students, faculty, and staff members from various…

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Edu VanHub: Media Literacy Interactive Video Courses

’’Edu VideoHub: Media Literacy Interactive Video courses’’ project is an online continuation of the Edu VanHub project.

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