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2021-09-10General News

23rd ASEF Summer University: Open Call for Students and…

The open call for young professionals and students for the 23rd ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU23) on ‘Liveable Cities for a Sustainable Future’ has just been launched. Young people from…

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2021-08-19Project NewsGeneral News

3rd Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2021: Submission is open!

The 3rd call to submit an ESAA project idea in 2021 opens today, 19 August 2021. Don't lose time and submit your ideas now!

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2021-08-13General News

#ErasmusDays 2021 - get ready!

This year's Erasmus Days will take place worldwide on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October 2021, so get ready now!

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2021-08-11Project News

ESAA Project “After Erasmus: Put a “+” in your life and your…

The ESAA Project “After Erasmus: Put a “+” in your life and your CV”, implemented by Jennifer Kristen, consists of a series of workshops to help students learn how to get the most out…

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2021-08-06Project NewsGeneral News

Second Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2021: Selected projects!

The evaluation phase of the second call of the ESAA Project Ideas has come to an end and we are pleased to announce the selected projects!

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2021-07-21Project News

ESAA Project “Edu VanHub - Media Literacy Workshops for…

The ESAA Project “Edu VanHub - Media Literacy Workshops for Inclusion of Socially Disadvantaged Youth in Armenia. Intensive phase”, implemented by Gevorg Harutyunyan, aims at…

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2021-07-20Project News

ESAA Project "No Place Green Enough"

The ESAA Project No Place Green Enough, which will be implemented by EMA member Thiviya Nair, is a storytelling podcast that blends the art of creative tales and real-life events to…

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2021-07-19Project News

ESAA Project “Inter-Connected: Fostering Positive Intergroup…

The ESAA Project “Inter-Connected: Fostering Positive Intergroup Contact and Youth Leadership through Intercultural Competence”, implemented by Diana Marcela Lizarazo Pereira, aims to…

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2021-07-16General News

EU Delegation to the Lao PDR and ten EU Member States…

The aim of the project is to share traditional children's books to Lao children.

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2021-07-15Project News

ESAA project "Workshops and mentoring a multimodality…

The ESAA project "Workshops and mentoring a multimodality interactive e-book for 5000 teachers and lecturers" by Rahmat Putra Yudha is a collaborative social event in Indonesia with…

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