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ESAA supports capacity building seminars and projects for the members of the partner organisations. Here you will find some of the testimonials that can help to inspire you to apply for a project or participate in the events.

Special thanks to all the participants for their contributions.

Uswa Alhamid - Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Erasmus Mentorship

As the European Year of Youth is the moment to move forward with confidence, we hope the skill and information that the participants got during the sessions of this project can lead them to a better future.

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This project included the Mentorship Scheme in the framework of the European Year of Youth 2022 (EYY 2022) by proposing some joint session between Erasmus+ Alumni of our network and Erasmus+ external students, selected by an open call to participate in the training.

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Salome Keshelashvili - ReCONNECT - Erasmus+ Alumni in Georgia

The main idea behind the project was to strengthen and empower Erasmus Generation in Georgia by building and shaping the Erasmus+ Alumni students’ group and afterwards - network.

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Neringe Turmenaite -Erasmus+ Mediterranean Youth Academy

The activities of our project “Erasmus+ Mediterranean Youth Academy” in the framework of the European Year of Youth 2022 (EYY 2022) focused heavily on capacity building and networking, especially among junior youth activists and senior experts.

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Marilena Maragkou - Mind the Gap

I firmly believe that “Mind the Gap” project added value to ESAA as its objectives go along with the priorities of the association. Through the project, more Youth learn about Erasmus+ and mobility opportunities, more Youth built their Capacity with the necessary tools for the 21st Century ...

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Ella Bastian - Get to know your causes

I think the added value of this ESAA project is the fact that we were able to raise awareness of ESAA and various causes that they support, such as social inclusion to a diverse range of people who will take the knowledge that they have gained back to their own communities ...

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Gevorg Harutyunyan - Edu Van Hub

Firstly, I would like to mention that ESAA wasn´t known to people in many places, especially rural places where our workshops have been conducted.The project had well-thought-out marketing plan so we could effectively promote the organization both on virtual and on real platforms ...

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Rosalia Marchese - E-all-E

The project supported the development of a printed and online guide provided to young people to support their mobility and awareness on EU funded opportunities. Moreover, thanks to the international meetings and seminars, we managed to develop a strong community of young people ...

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Simone Papa - Welcome days

The added values to the ESAA project were the possibility to work with a brand recognized at European level that gave us more credibility, the economic resources which let the project to be based in a place already known from international students into the city ...

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Konstantinos Maragkos - WE AfriHug 2020

ESAA Projects Team is there always to support, consult and solve unexpected problems. I very much appreciate the significant contribution for the smooth implementation of the project.

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Carlos Gutierrez - A short film to make the male chauvinistic violence visible

We think our project made more visible the everyday struggles which women have to face when it comes to male chauvinist violence. This also happens in international mobilities and it is an issue that we, as volunteers, should be aware of.

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