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2021-12-03Project News

4th Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2021 is open!

The fourth call to submit an ESAA Project idea in 2021 opens today, the 3rd of December with the special focus on the European Year of Youth 2022!

We are very happy to announce the 4th call for ESAA Project ideas in 2021.

In this occasion, the project proposals under this call must be placed in the context of the European Year of Youth 2022, which was announced by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in September 2021, and specifically contribute to a Global Erasmus+ alumni mentoring scheme.

The global dimension of Erasmus+ will be an integral part of the European Year of Youth, reaching out to young people and cooperating with partner countries, organisations, and alumni networks worldwide.

With the re-launch of international learning mobility in 2022, young people will be put in the spotlight for global mentoring, and Erasmus+ alumni are ideally placed to play an active role in this context.

Erasmus+ alumni should become mentors for Erasmus+ prospective participants. They should promote Erasmus+ by offering testimonies of their own mobility experiences and providing information about destinations, courses and institutions.

In resume, the project ideas under this call must focus on awareness-raising, mentoring and information provision on Erasmus+ by alumni to prospective participants.

For more information about European Year of Youth 2022 please see the press release.

For more information about Erasmus+ please check here.

The call will be open for submissions until 10 January 2022, 10:00 CET. After that, no more project ideas will be accepted.

The project scheme has not been changed. This is the first of three phases of ESAA Projects, where project ideas can be submitted. If you are a member of the ESAA partner organizations, you can hand in your project idea, following one or more of the goals of the ESAA clusters.

All the ideas will be evaluated according to the criteria of content, feasibility, increasing networks, outreach, and flexibility. Additional criteria can also be a balance in regions and ESAA partner organizations. For more details on the process and the criteria, check out the ESAA-Projects page. You will learn about the accepted projects on 10 February 2021.

If a project is accepted, it will go to the elaboration phase. In this second phase details are discussed and hopefully a contract will be signed in the end, leading to the third phase, the implementation phase.

If after reading the documents of the call you have questions, you can also check out the questions asked in previous calls for projects here. In case of doubt please write to us at

We are looking forward to receiving your ESAA project ideas!

Your ESAA team

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