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Edu VanHub: Media Literacy Interactive Video Courses

’’Edu VideoHub: Media Literacy Interactive Video courses’’ project is an online continuation of the Edu VanHub project.

Gevorg Harutyunyan

Digital media world is developing day by day and becoming more challenging for the young people especially for those who live in rural isolated areas or the ones who can’t pay for educational fees. Those groups are often excluded from many educational opportunities.

This project will help socially disadvantaged young people to build their media literacy skills through innovative and interactive video courses. The main goal of Edu VanHub is to support young people living in isolated rural areas or the ones who can’t buy high-quality video courses (including the certificate of completion) to learn media literacy skills through interactive and innovative video courses. Due to the format and structure of the video courses, the participants will have the opportunity to practically use their freshly learnt skills.

The main objective of the ’Edu VideoHub: Media Literacy Interactive Video courses’’ project is to make Edu VanHub sustainable and resilient. Due to the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), the Edu VanHub educational international project has been running for two years and could successfully implement three phases.

The online format will now give the project a new breath to be continued even without significant resources. It is aiming is to help the beneficiaries acquire skills of targeting topics, making video blogs, and to promote the product on social media platforms there will be five video series about video blogging, from A to Z to make high quality video course reachable literally for everyone (the target group is 16-25 years old, but everyone is welcomed to watch). The video course will be available on a YouTube channel, without any fee. Moreover, some important parts of video series will be available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

To motivate the participants to complete the video course and watch the whole series a small competition will be organized amongst them. The four participants with the best results of accomplishing the tasks given by the media trainers will receive action cameras to materialize their media ideas in video blogs.

Creating a new digital platform will help to facilitate access to Erasmus+ and allows promoting Erasmus+ through interactive sessions. The new YouTube channel will have a big outreach and many subscribers among young people, which will serve as a great tool to organize other types of video projects with the young people in the future.

What we are expecting in detail:

  • More than eight video blogs from the participants of the project
  • More media-educated and motivated youngsters
  • Development and launch of a new YouTube platform
  • A promotional video about the project and its sponsors
  • More than eight TV/Radio interviews and media articles
  • Digital innovation among young people; getting the young participants involved in educational and cultural processes worldwide through online digital tools.


Furthermore, in the later project will give bigger impact by partnering with youth communities to provide training guidelines (on personal development, academic, and career) for young people in some different regions in Indonesia. The community partnership is a sustainability for future project to develop based on regional needs.


by Gevorg Harutyunyan, 

edited by the Service Provider

Yerevan, Armenia. February 18th, 2022 

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