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2022-12-12Project News

Empowering the Erasmus Generation on the river bank of Danube

The story of how ESN Novi Sad took advantage of the warm August days to bring together ESNers from all over the region and create an unforgettable building-capacity project.

Banjac, Tadic

The central theme of our project was to improve knowledge about the Erasmus+ program among those who are one of the main promoters of this program and its benefits among young people of various ages: members of the Erasmus Student Network. This was done since we have noticed the need to further educate the ESNers in order to improve the stay of foreign students, as well as to improve the quality and quantity of information that local students gain about Erasmus+ programme, as well as other mobility programmes. In addition to them, we were able to collaborate with staff from two universities in Novi Sad, as well as members of NSUSI (Novi Sad's organisation for students with disabilities) and other organisations for people with disabilities, through this project. Furthermore, the project has aimed to improve the regional cooperation of ESN sections and national organizations, as well as to build the knowledge in areas of soft skills as well as ESN projects, programmes and all other important questions in regard to improvement of main goal of ESN, which is helping students who are taking part in or wish to take part in exchange programmes and other activities in the scope of Erasmus+ project. 

We were able to invite some of the trainers with whom we had close collaboration in the previous year, as well as give our participants the opportunity to hold a workshop on a topic about which they are well-versed. Following the project summary and discussion with the participants, the outcome appears to be positive and as planned. The feedback we have received from the participants has been positive and many of them stated that they feel like they have learned a lot during the course of the training and are even more inspired to further improve the experience of exchange students with their future activities.  

Our project addressed a number of clusters identified as priorities for the ESAA project, but it was primarily focused on Capacity Building. We successfully shared information and knowledge with more than 40 ESN volunteers from Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina through a series of workshops aimed at improving various soft and professional skills, as well as sharing knowledge related to the program between the ESN sections. This project also focused on Cluster 1 (Give voice to marginalized populations) by collaborating closely with NSUSI and its members, who served as honour guests at all of our workshops and panel discussions. With this discussion we have managed to tackle the problems and needs of these students in regard to their general University experience, as well as in the area of international mobility.


Ivana Banjac and Elena Tadic

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Serbia, Novi Sad, 2022/09/30 


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