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Erasmus & EU: Time to Shine Again!

The project aims at creating a group of 27 Ambassadors that will be able to spread in their Countries the news of the recently released Erasmus programme.

The garagErasmus Foundation is ready to start the ambitious project that will bring the Erasmus programme back to its central role of guidance for youth. The programme, so far, has helped more than 10 million people to strengthen their soft skills, to learn new languages and to be ready to enter the job market. The last year has seen many restrictions on mobility that have affected the plans of international students to spend a semester or a year abroad. Fear for travelling, at any age, has grown as well. garagErasmus Foundation, that cooperates with several institutional partners at European level and has been supporting the Erasmus programme already before, has done so with particular intensity during the last year by making students understand that despite the external factors Erasmus is and will always be an asset in the personal growth of people.

Now, finally it is time to start to travel again, but also to discover the newly released Erasmus programme, that will in the next 7-year cycle give the chance to millions of people to live the best experience of their life. The project "Erasmus and EU: time to shine again“ aims at creating a group of 27 Ambassadors that will be able to spread the news of the recently released Erasmus programme in their Countries, giving fuel to the hope for a new Europe, that now - more than ever - needs our support. Thanks to the call to the Ambassadors and to the training given to them online by experts, they will be able to organize local events (live if permitted by the epidemiological situation) to involve more & more people (especially University students) in the topics highlighted by Erasmus and by Europe, that meanwhile will proceed as well with the Conference on the Future of Europe.

garagErasmus will also address its action at countries that are not EU members. In particular, one member of garageErasmus will spread the news of the programme in a country outside the EU to a selected target grout. garagErasmus Foundation is ready to launch the call that, thanks to ESAA, will see young people that are in love with Erasmus, ready to give their support to make it shine again!

October 12th, 2021

Fabrizio Bitetto, Project Coordinator

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