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2022-08-05 Project News

Erasmus For All Project!

Erasmus For All is a youth-led project that advocates for the inclusion of refugee youth in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees funded by the European Commission. This is achieved mainly through a sequence of informative sessions and capacity-building workshops that prepares and increases the chance of acceptance for refugees residing in Lebanon, aspiring to embark on cross-culturally rewarding academic journeys.

Manal Makkieh and Rami Rmeileh


  • Informed refugee youth residing in Lebanon about the different programms available under the European Education and Culture Executive Agency that promotes different Masters programms (Erasmus Mundus Catalogue).
  • Provided capacity-building workshops on CV writing, interview skills, personal statements.

Along the way, we:

  • Promoted European higher education and intercultural understanding through cooperation with third-world countries.
  • Increased the number and quality of educational services provided to refugee youth residing in refugee camps.
  • Bridged the communication gaps detected among young refugees in regards to the Erasmus Mundus Association as well as the master and internship opportunities offered by it.
  • Increased the level of awareness about the benefits of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programs among youth refugees.
  • Provided proper capacity building by equipping young refugees with educational and professional skills to become fully eligible for the scholarship programms.
  • Created a supportive space as well as professional orientation and guidance for youth refugees.
  • Helped young refugees become active agents of change in research and practice by exchanging much-needed knowledge in a Western-dominated education system.
  • Increased the number of participants in the Erasmus Mundus Programs in the year 2022-2023.

Things we insured to do:

  • Served all refugee youth fairly without any judgement or exclusion from the project. 
  • Linked all participants to proper desirable educational opportunities.
  • Ensured to avoid all forms of discrimination, favouritism, and/or violence that could affect the participants during the implementation process.
  • Coordinated professionally and authentically with host organisations that are willing to support Erasmus For All Project for the benefit of all its participants.


Social Media

  • Linkedin: Erasmus For All
  • Instagram: Erasmus_forall

More information on the sessions

We conducted 5 sessions, 16 people attended in each of the 4 sessions, more than 16 in one of the sessions (in Tripoli, Al Baddawi refugee camp)


written by Manal Makkieh and Rami Rmeileh

edited by the service provider 

Beirut, Lebanon, 05.08.2022

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