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2021-12-01Project News

Erasmus+ Peacebuilders Network

Join ESAA Project for EMA and OCEANS Networks

Kate Ramil

The ERASMUS+ Peacebuilders Network aims to create a networking and capacity building platform, as well as offer training opportunities to empower and train ESAA Members & other young people to act as peace advocates. It will open space to proactively stand for peace & peaceful dialogues to prevent and manage conflicts and to build a network of sustainable peace advocates. Additional benefits include education on civic rights and responsibilities, leadership and negotiation skills especially in turbulent conditions. The project will enable North-South collaboration and exchange of best practices as well as challenge stereotypes and biases. It seeks to strengthen the Erasmus outreach through this project while also highlighting the values of EU. Activities will include a tailor-made training module that are both guided and self-paced. The nature of membership under the alliance of ESAA positions the project strategically, 


The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Advocate for intercultural learning, networking, and support for worldwide cooperation through students and alumni as ambassadors of ERASMUS+ and European Higher Education
  • Promote the positive branding and awareness of ESAA and ERASMUS+, and the commitment of the EU to empower youth peacebuilders worldwide
  • Strengthen cooperation between the ESAA/ERASMUS+ and the United Nations, and enhance the recognition of intercultural competences of ERASMUS+ alumni
  • Increase awareness in social and human rights issues
  • Enable a North-South exchange of best practices among the youth
  • Build critical core competences in peacebuilding
  • Strengthen alliance and collaboration among the members of the network. 


November 30th, 2021 

Kate Ramil, Project Coordinator 

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