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2022-04-01Project News

Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network

Erasmus+ Stands for PeaceWhen is the right time to stand up for peace? Now. Today. Everyday! The Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network aims to capitalize on the youth’s passion to make a world a better place. The world is so much better if we live in peace by strengthening our capacity to build and sustain it.

Kate Ramil Project coordinator


The ESAA project, Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network, is women and youth-led initiative, headed by Neringa Tumenaite, Edita Steiblyte, and Kate Ramil from OCEANS and Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA). The project is composed of a dedicated team of trainers and technical support to ensure a smooth, productive, and engaging workshops and forum.

Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network is divided into two kinds of engagement. The first one is a series of workshops that only accepted applicants could participate. These workshops are the following: (1) Creative Approaches to Peacebuilding headed by Marija Farmer with Tony Macaulay, Romeral Ortiz, and Joseph Khaing; (2) Interactive Non-Violent Communication, Negotiation, and Advocacy headed by Richard Apeh with Charlotte Myer and Joseph Khaing; (3) Key Steps to Reconciliation led by Tony Macaulay with Charolotte Myer and Joseph Khaing; and (4) Fundraising & Financing for YPS led by Romeral Ortiz with Charlotte Meyer, and Joseph Khaing.

The other kind of project engagement is the culminating activity, a public forum with a variety of interesting topics. The first topic is “Peacebuilding in Crisis” with Andriy Kolobov, Secretary-General of National Youth Council of Ukraine; Samir Rishad, Youth Chair of Religion of Peace founded by Jaded Abidi Foundation; Patience Rosare, Rotary Peace Fellow; and Marcel Stefanik, Secretary to the Constitutional IFRC Youth Commission. This session is moderated by Charlotte Meyer and Joseph Khaing. The second topic is “Unpacking the Youth, Peace, and Security” with panelists Ludmila Andrade, Network Lead of United Network of Young Peacebuilders; Mena Ayazi, Program Officer of Search for Common Ground;  Rosario Diaz Garavito, Founder and Executive Director of Millennials Movement; Allwell Akhigbe,  Research Director of Building Blocks for Peace; Vera Al-Mawla, President and Co-founder of Peace of Art. The second panel is moderated by Romeral Ortiz and Sakhi Ataye. The Erasmus+ Peacebuilders’ Network ends with a Declaration from the participants, speakers, and trainers. Quoting from the Preamble, it reads:

“We, young people from around the globe reaffirm our commitment to living in a peaceful and safe world. With more young people on the planet than ever before, it is a demographic and democratic necessity that we are included in efforts to promote peace and security. In this Declaration, we provide a unified vision and plan for a reinforced policy framework to assist us in changing conflict, preventing and confronting violence, and establishing long-term peace.”

While the project has ended, the Erasmus+ Peacebulders’ Network team reiterates the need for fellow Erasmus+ alumni and students to engage and commit to peace and peacebuilding. The project only touches a drop in the ocean in peacebuilding, but what we are hoping is that we make this to the next level-- a wave, a flow, a movement for peace. It can be done if we continue to expand our work and invest in peace.

Kate Ramil Project coordinator 



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