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2022-05-18Project News

Erasmus+ Volunteer Management Training

25 volunteers from the OCEANS network and the African Student and Alumni Forum (ASAF) participated in a three-weekend training in March to learn more about attracting and motivating of volunteers.

Aleksandra Starovoitova Project Coordinator

This Erasmus+ Volunteer Management Training was organised to help and support volunteers of international student and alumni organisations working together with other volunteers. These volunteeers need to have relevant skills on how to lead and motivate other volunteers. A proper capacity building would promote the development of the organisation and lead to higher satisfaction among all parties. Managing groups of volunteers, onboarding them and motivating them, especially in the virtual working environment, is particularly challenging.

Together with The Self Leadership Initiative we designed three online training sessions with tasks for participants covering the following topics:

  • Understanding Volunteering: models of volunteering, volunteer avatar, reducing barriers to volunteering, visioning and goal setting
  • Motivating and Benefiting Volunteers: Ikigai – a model of meaning, motivational style, models of persuasion
  • Leading and Managing Volunteers: managing people, leadership styles, coaching skills and practice


No one can tell you better about the success of the training than our participants. We asked them to fill in the evaluation survey and share their experiences. Here are some testimonies:


I really enjoyed the interactive environment and the breakout room sessions. I have gained valuable knowledge on targeting, motivating and managing volunteers. I have also gained experience communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds. I have really enjoyed every moment of the training and I was counting the days for each session. I am really grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward for other trainings and workshops. – Hazem Hamdy Ashour


I learned about the volunteer management process, the six leadership styles needed as a good leader or manager and some coaching strategies for a successful volunteer management. - Cosme Zinsou Odjo


After this training I can now create a volunteer avatar, I know how to convince and attract more volunteers to my project and I am now able to help volunteers discover their purpose. - Custody Chikambure


I am very happy to have been part of this programme. I enjoyed the method of delivery and I learned many things; How to develop a volunteer avatar; How and where to most-likely find interested volunteers; How to come up with a value proposition in order to recruit volunteers; How to manage and lead volunteers; How to evaluate volunteer progress. - Enow Takang Achuo Albert


I very much enjoyed the hands-on exercises and the breakout rooms. They enabled us to understand and practice what we learned right away while getting feedback from the trainer and other participants. I was able to understand more in depth about different aspects volunteering and I have now a clearer idea on how to enhance my experience as a volunteer myself. - Soumaya Nabih


I've really enjoyed meeting new people and talking about new experiences in the field of volunteerism. I have taken away a better understanding of how volunteering projects are done, especially how to write an attractive statement for volunteers to join in your project. Also I gained more confidence to be a future volunteer and a manager as well. - Ilhem Bendahmane


I enjoyed the training about managing volunteer work and getting to know new people with different cultures. I gained new experiences and skills in Volunteer Management such as understanding what motivates volunteers⁠, identifying a volunteer avatar, persuading and attracting volunteers⁠, the volunteer management process, leadership styles for working with teams and coaching volunteers. - Hanadi Salah Abu Jazar


Aleksandra Starovoitova Project Coordinator


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