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2022-07-15General News

ESAA Liaison Group Monthly Meeting

Another successful ESAA LG monthly meeting took place virtually on 12 July 2022 at 14:30hrs (CET). The ASAF Interim Board member Hanan Meckawy represented ASAF in the meeting, Adnan Rahimić, represented WBAA.Together with the ESAA Liaison groups representatives the cooperation among sister organisations were discussed in addition to the Capacity Building seminars 2022 and the ESAA LG Special project.

Hanan Meckawy

This series of meetings follow the initiative of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), where further collaboration and exchange of knowledge are foreseen between Alumni networks funded and supported by the European Commission.

ESAA LG monthly meeting starts with a round of introduction by each representative (ESN, OCEANS, EMA, GaragErasmus, ASAF and new joined WBAA). Patricia, ESAA community manager, moderated the meeting and discussed the first topic in the agenda, “Cooperation among organizations”, Patricia mentioned that EACEA requested a project concrete proposal. The aim is to share knowledge, work ESAA doing and the information on how to collaborate among sister organizations. The project most probably will commence after October 2022 to be part of the next contract. All present members agree to have this point open for the next meetings “Cooperation between organizations” to have feedback and interchange of projects and activities in which their members can be involved with each other.

Hanan asked if ASAF members can participate in ESAA current project? Patricia mentioned that they can apply as partners with one of the 4 ESAA liaison group but not as the main applicant. Yassin mentioned that ESN will have a new representative for Western Balkans, and he/she will be introduced to Adnan to see how they can help to find ways to collaborate.

The next topic “ESAA Capacity Building Seminar 2022” was discussed. Participants list, process from each organisation that are about to be closed. ESN is finishing the process, including an interview as well. Patricia mentioned that once the participants list is ready, she will ask for a couple of questions that need to be answered before the training. She also mentioned that the assistance in both seminars is compulsory for the participants.

Concerning the participation of ASAF and WBAA, Hanan mentioned that it will be great if more than one ASAF member get the chance to participate in the ESAA Capacity Building seminar, especially that ASAF is new and their members are most in need for these kinds of seminars. Yassin – ESN representative - proposed that the 3 left places will be for ASAF and WBAA, so 36 for the 4 ESAA organizations and 2 for ASAF and 2 for WBAA. All ESAA LG members agreed about this approach. Patricia will inform the EC about this. All agreed that Patricia will take care of the promotional material, she will send the list of things to the ESAA LG soon.

The Updates of ESAA Projects 1st and 2nd calls 2022 were discussed in the end, 1st call 2022 -signature of agreements, waiting for the EC approval. Most probably are ready this week. 2nd call 2022, is open until July 29th. Hanan asked for the open call link to share it in the news items.

The call ended around 4:30PM (CET) and the next meeting scheduled on Tuesday, 16/08/2022 at 14:30 CEST

Useful link:The 2nd ESAA Call 2022 – Deadline 29th July, 2022.

ASAF members who are interested in cooperating with one of the 4 ESAA liaison group (ESN, OCEANS, EMA and GaragErasmus) and apply as a partner.

“This scheme aims to encourage and enable volunteers all over the world to join forces and implement projects on the ground, which are in line with ESAA's aims, promote Erasmus+ and are of mutual interest of the EC and the volunteers. Project proposals under the 2nd call 2022 must be placed in the context of the European Year of Youth 2022”.


written by Hanan Meckawy

edited by the service provider 

Cologne, 15.07.2022

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