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ESAA members meeting up in garagErasmus GA in Malta

Members from ESAA meeting up in the general assembly of garagErsamus took place in MCAST university Malta between SEP 7th to 8th.

Mohammed Ashqar

At the garagErasmus XI general assemply, ESAA, representing the spirit of European exchange students and alumni, seized a unique opportunity to foster collaboration and promote mobility, education, and cultural exchanges. The event, themed "More mobility for a better Europe," became a pivotal moment for ESAA, emphasising our commitment to a globally interconnected future in European higher education.


Networking Brilliance:

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, ESAA actively engaged its organisations OCEANS, garagErasmus, EMA, ESN, and garagErasmus, sparking fruitful discussions. Interactions with cousin organizations like ASAF and WBAA, along with esteemed universities including the University of Pavia and University of Peace, opened doors to potential partnerships. These dialogues not only highlighted ESAA's ongoing initiatives but also became fertile ground for innovative ideas, reinforcing our dedication to nurturing intercultural learning and professional growth.


Sharing Impactful Narratives:

ESAA's participation at the garagErasmus XI general assemply served as a testament to our dedication to mobility, education, and cultural exchanges. Through dynamic interactions, we spotlighted transformative projects like the 'Morocco United for Employability' OCEANS project igniting conversations that could redefine the landscape of international education and mobility.


Meeting Visionaries and Academic Leaders:

A pinnacle of the retreat was the opportunity to converse with influential figures – education and foreign affairs ministers, as well as university representatives from France, Romania, Malta, and Italy. These direct exchanges laid the foundation for exciting collaborations, aligning seamlessly with ESAA's vision of fostering global partnerships and enhancing educational and cultural opportunities on a worldwide scale.


Looking Ahead:

Reflecting on our participation, ESAA is invigorated by the wealth of networking and collaborative possibilities unveiled at the garagErasmus XI general assembly. As we move forward, we are poised to transform these opportunities into impactful projects. These ventures will not only enrich the experiences of students and institutions but will also fortify our unwavering commitment to shaping a future where education knows no borders and cultural enrichment is a universal aspiration.


Mohammed Ashqar

Ramallah, Palestine 2nd of Oct 2023 

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