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2021-09-30Project News

ESAA Project "Edu VanHub" successfully implemented!

In the framework of the ESAA Project “Edu VanHub”, implemented by Gevorg Harutyunyan, 24 media workshops with a special focus on blogging and social media were conducted in 12 Armenian villages to promote Erasmus+ among teenagers in Armenian rural areas.

by Gevorg Harutyunyan (garagErasmus foundation)

The ESAA project “Edu VanHub” was designed and implemented by Gevorg Harutyunyan, member of garagErasmus4Yerevan.

“Edu VanHub” is an innovative educational project that promotes the role of media literacy with regard to inclusion and empowerment of youth living in rural areas through educational space in a van used as Media Hub. It’s a moving Hub on wheels which has already been active in 4 countries. “Edu VanHub” launched its third (intensive phase), this time with a special focus on blogging and social media. Having rich experience in organising such innovative projects (the garagErasmus4Yerevan team already organised several “Edu VanHub” pilot and international phases), this time the project organisers opted for bringing media literacy workshops to 3 regions in Armenia – Lori, Vayots Dzor and Tavush – making the project more sustainable and influential.

The project methodology is designed on the principle that educational spaces and projects can be moveable and that learning can take place anywhere if there is interaction (movement) between people. The main values of the project are inclusion, mobility and accessibility.

All the workshops were realised using a non-formal methodology for the activities, hence all the participants were involved based on ‘’learning by doing’’.

These are the central goals of the “Edu VanHub” project which garagErasmus4Yerevam team could achieve:


  • Introducing participants to media, as well as digital and internet knowledge (Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation)
  • Introduction to Erasmus+ and distribution of media information about Erasmus+ stories, values and opportunities (Cluster 2: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation)
  • Promotion of Erasmus+ in Armenian rural areas (Cluster 2: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation)
  • Helping participants acquire skills regarding the targeting of topics, making video-blogs and promoting the product on social media (Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation)
  • Documentary movie (including interviews with the teenage participants) about the activities of the project, stories, mission, values, and future plans (Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation)

Besides the media workshops, the organising team strived to evoke educational and cultural interest and innovation among young people through media.

The main partners of the project were garagErasmus foundation, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of The Republic of Armenia, Vayotz Dzor, Tavush and Lori Regional Administrations, Made in Armenia media channel, European Leadership and Debate Academy (ELDA), Armenian Art Salon media/art initiative and ESN Yerevan CS.

Information about the “Edu VanHub” project is still spreading quite well, there are already more than 14 media interviews and articles. Moreover, there are still new invitations for interviews about “Edu VanHub”, hence the information is still reaching out to new people.

Apart from the central objectives and mission, the organising team added ecological value to the project by cleaning a forest from plastics (and other types of harmful materials) and holding its closing ceremony of “Edu VanHub” in the very same forest.


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Yerevan, Armenia

29 September 2021

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