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2021-07-19Project News

ESAA Project “Inter-Connected: Fostering Positive Intergroup Contact and Youth Leadership through Intercultural Competence”

The ESAA Project “Inter-Connected: Fostering Positive Intergroup Contact and Youth Leadership through Intercultural Competence”, implemented by Diana Marcela Lizarazo Pereira, aims to create a group of youth certified trainers who will deliver intercultural training to future Erasmus+ students. Apply now!

Diana Marcela Lizarazo Pereira

Globalisation has produced direct and indirect contact opportunities between people all over the world. However, mere exposure to people from different cultural backgrounds does not guarantee positive interactions. Stereotypes, prejudices, and misunderstandings about cultural differences can lead to conflicting scenarios that can worsen intercultural relations. Therefore, appropriate training and interventions to develop intercultural competence are necessary to equip individuals with the abilities required to function in cross-cultural interactions. Consequently, these abilities allow individuals to think, act and communicate appropriately with people from different cultural backgrounds reducing intercultural conflict and improving intergroup relations.  

Erasmus Mundus exchanges are perfect opportunities to experience interculturality through experiential learning. However, it is necessary to prepare students for this experience. Conflictual intergroup experiences can negatively impact students and host communities’ academic, social, and professional interactions. Therefore, the inter-connected project proposes implementing intercultural training for the new cohort of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree (EMJMDs) students and members of OCEANS (Organisation for Cooperation, Exchange and Networking). The projects focus on creating a positive intercultural experience and prepare Erasmus + students to face the challenges of living and work in culturally diverse working and academic environments.  

The project aims to create a group of youth certified trainers who will deliver intercultural training. Thus, the volunteers in this project will receive certified intercultural training and be responsible for the project implementation. During the process, the volunteers will develop their leadership capacities, be replicators of knowledge, and contribute from their own intercultural experiences to the learning experience of the new students of the EMJMDs and OCEANs. Parallelly, the training will 1) create awareness about similarities and differences between people from different countries, 2) foster a positive attitude towards diversity, 3) Increase openness, tolerance and respect to cultural differences and 4) encourage global citizenship and social awareness. Consequently, beneficiaries of the training will be prepared for their intercultural experience; and will have the knowledge and resources to have positive intergroup interactions.  

This project will be implemented in six phases. First, recruitment and selection of volunteers who will complete the certified training and support the implementation of the project. Second, training and design of the training sessions in an online intercultural academy. Third, prepare the intercultural programme. Fourth, contact OCEANS members and the coordinators of the EMJMD offering the training sessions to their incoming students. Fith, Schedule and delivery of the training sessions. Sixth, Evaluate the immediate benefits of the training for both trainers and students and the final report. Overall, the project contributes to quality assurance and capacity building of alumni and new students, supports knowledge exchange opportunities and promote diversity, inclusion and global citizenship in ESAA. 


Deadline to submit applications: 23rd July 2021

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Germany, Cologne

19 July 2021

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