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ESAA Representation at ESN Erasmus General Meeting Bucharest 2023

ESAA has been represented through its four partner organisations, and one sister organization, at the ESN Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM) that took place from 6th to 10th of April at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.

Farouk Kouider Moussaoui

The four ESAA partners were Erasmus Students Network (ESN), Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA), garagErasmus, and OCEANS Network. Plus ESAA sister, Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA). They have been represented by the following respective delegates:

  • Sara Tagliabracci - Global Mobility Coordinator of ESN.
  • Ruturaj Trivedi - Director, Student and Alumni Relations Unit of EMA.
  • Serena Tenea - ESAA Liasion of garagErasmus.
  • Farouk Kouider Moussaoui - President of OCEANS Network.
  • Altin Gashi - National Representative of WBAA.

The four ESAA delegates in addition to the one from sister organisation have organised their own stand during mobility fair in which ESN, EMA, garagErasmus, OCEANS Network, and WBAA were introduced to the EGM participants. The stand was successful as many participants were interested in ESAA delegation. The delegates shared info with them and also distributed lots of promotional materials.

A specific session was held to engage participants called “Alumni engagement: ESAA perspective” and it was an interesting session with forty registered participants. After an icebreaker, the delegates did a brief introduction about ESAA and then participants were divided into four dynamic groups in which they prepared some notable project ides following ESAA requirements for project designation.

The projects ideas were supervised by the delegates and it was great to have them covered all ESAA clusters: (1) Strengthening Higher Education Quality, (2) Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation, (3) Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment and Participation, (4) Capacity Building.

During the EGM, the ESAA delegation has had the opportunity to participate in some informative sessions and several joyful networking activities such as the Romanian and international dinner. 

We kindly thank ESN for having us!


Farouk Kouider Moussaoui

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Khemis-Miliana, Algeria 12.04.2023

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