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2020-11-12General News

European Commission extends support for Alumni Networks for another two years

The new ESAA Service Provider presented the services the European Commission provides in the next two years to support ESAA and its partner organisations

Service Provider

On October 28th,  the ESAA Liaison Group and the presidents of the partner organisations (POs) were present in the virtual kick off meetings for the new term of services for ESAA and its POs: EMA, ESN, OCEANS and garagErasmus. The new Service Provider together with the European Commission presented the array of services that the European Commission asked to support the work of the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Alliance, ESAA. In this occasion, the new Service Provider – a consortium formed by the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, ), IHS (Institute für Höhere Sudien, Institute for Advance Studies), PPW (pietzpluswild) and MOSAIC—introduced themselves and presented the services to support ESAA.

This new service contract shows - especially in times of COVID-19 - that the EC remains committed towards international mobility programmes and its alumni. The fact that the new service contract has a duration of two years (while in the past it was only one) will allow to better mitigate the current challenges.

All parties were very happy about the continued and extended planned support and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration for the upcoming two years.

We - as the new Service Provider - are looking forward to a very successful and exciting work together with the Alumni.


Cologne, 12 Nov 2020


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