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Long awaited- ReConnect Erasmus+ Alumni in Georgia

This project aimed to strengthen and empower the Erasmus Generation in Georgia by building and shaping the Erasmus+ Alumni students’ group and the network.

Salome Keshelashvili

The Erasmus Student Network Georgia had been granted an opportunity to orginise for a very long awaited flagship initiative, where the title of the project says it all - ReCONNECT Erasmus+ Alumni in Georgia which was possible by the financial support of the the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA). Accordingly, the main idea behind the project was to strengthen and empower the Erasmus Generation in Georgia by building and shaping the Erasmus+ Alumni students’ group and afterwards - network. On August 12-14 2022, amidst very hot summer days in a beautiful eastern side and wine region of Georgia, where spent 2 full days with productive training sessions. The project gathered, trained and prepared Georgian students, who already experienced Erasmus+ exchange semester abroad, also, including  volunteers of ESN Georgia, with whom participants were coupled up to implement the sort of activities that were projected and prepared during these training sessions. Afterwards, in September was followed the implementation phase of the small tasks assigned to the 5 working groups including Social media team, Research team, Erasmus in School team, Structure and Info teams. The project was completed by the final conference on 15th of October, where participants shared the main outcomes and conclusions of their  efforts, more importantly, presentations were held in front of the  distinguished guests - representatives of the International Relations Offices from the various Universities from Georgia. By this initiative ESN Georgia tried to tackle the following challenge – in the capital city of Georgia,Tbilisi, where all the main HEIs are located, the remaining problem regarding the Erasmus Generation is a huge, meaning, the lack of communication between the Erasmus programme beneficiaries after their arrival in to the country, also, nonexistence tools to build and sustain this connection between Erasmus+ students in Georgia. ReCONNECT Erasmus+ Alumni in Georgia covered overall 40 participants, but the is just a tip of the iceberg to grow and built real network of the Erasmus Generation in Georgia, upcoming great steps have been preparing to apply for the future fund opportunities.


Salome Keshelashvili

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Tbilisi, Georgia, 23.12.2022

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