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2022-09-21 Project News

Mobility lovers bring ERASMUS back on track!

garagErasmus Ambassadors organised more than 15 events around the world to re-launch the new Erasmus programme and to highlight its great opportunities.

Carlo Bitetto

Pandemic didn’t win. Erasmus did.  

The difficult times that we have lived in the past two years had complicated quite much the situation for students and trainees that wanted to live a Mobility experience abroad. For this reason, the Erasmus programme, recently released, (still being the most popular EU programme for citizens) saw some obstacles in the beginning of its future 7-year life. 

Exactly to support the Erasmus programme in hard times, garagErasmus Foundation, thanks to the support of ESAA, planned the project “Erasmus and EU: time to shine again!”. The central idea of the project was to bet on the active participation and energy of Mobility lovers to support Erasmus and to spread their words about it. 

The Foundation launched, in autumn 2021, a call for Ambassadors that wanted to bring back the enthusiasm for new programme and provided a training with the cooperation of representatives of institutions and NGOs, regarding the brand new Erasmus programme. Since November, 2021, to January, 2022, local events were organized all around Europe thanks to the effort of the Ambassadors, that chose autonomously a part or an aspect of the programme that, according to them, deserved to be known by people in the local communities. Paris, Madrid, Milan, Budapest, Timisoara, Serres, Sofia, Rome, Zurich, Dublin, Turin, Malaga and Lisbon became some of the stages where protagonists of the project were spreading the word about Erasmus, with the help of the Ambassadors and of many Alumni. Not only: also the city of Medellin, in Colombia, where a local garagErasmus chapter is active, got involved thanks to the organization of one event dedicated to opportunities from Erasmus for extra-EU Countries. 

This project was, without doubts, a success, since it was able to bring back, around many Countries, after almost 2 years of geographical and social limitations, the spirit and the enthusiasm of the programme that has shaped the life of millions of former students, now professionals, that are impacting the world. 

For this reason, we can say that, thanks to ESAA and to garagErasmus, that Erasmus won. Again.


Carlo Bitetto

San Giuliano Milanese, 16th of September, 2022 

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