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2022-07-05Project News

Set up your Erasmus Journey and level up your skills

A series of hybrid programmes was conducted by for the past six months to introduce Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) and empower young people in Southeast Asia to develop their academic, career, personal, organisation, and community skills.

Athifah Utami Edysuyanto

An initiative to create a platform called was started when Athifah and Yochi (alumni of Erasmus master) received many positive responses on their YouTube channel about their Erasmus master journey. Sharing tips and assisting young people in Southeast who were applying for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) programmes have driven them to create an immersive project to prepare young people to continue higher education. Hence, we decided to start with kick-off Eudemy Fest, which covered topics on personal and career development, academic and social skills, financial literacy, Erasmus mobility programmes, and brief preparation of the EMJM selection process.   

The main objectives of this project are to promote Erasmus and empower young people. as a platform, was launched in October 2021 and started its first EMJM mentorship programme in November 2021. We had 33 young people registered for our 5 cycles of EMJM mentorship. The mentorship programmes were delivered by EMJM awardees from social and science fields, and it covers topics on getting to know the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme, choosing the right programme to apply to, writing a motivation letter, preparing Europass CV, and winning an interview selection process.

Besides mentorship programmes for those who want to apply for EMJM, we also create hybrid programmes to empower young people. Eudemy Festival and Eudemy Community were aimed to provide space for young people to learn about personal and professional development, financial literacy, academic skills, and organisation and community skills. Eudemy Fest started on the 19th of February and ended on the 19th of March 2022. We had 2 sessions per weekend, and it was all conducted virtually with 11 (eleven) topics on personal and career skills, English language skills, research skills, interview (public speaking) skills, communication in an academic environment, academic writing skills, adult learning skills, financial literacy, Erasmus mobility programme, and mental health issue.  Around 280 registrants coming from some regions in Southeast Asia and the majority from Indonesia were involved in this virtual festival. This event was promoted by our media partners, we have nine Indonesia media partners and one from Timor Leste, as well as supported by 12 (twelve) youth community partners from Indonesia and Timor Leste that work closely for social, education, environment, and humanity issues.

Right after the Eudemy Fest, we got back to our community partners (who were involved in the fest) to talk about the upcoming collaboration. We had two community partners that were running humanity projects for orphanage houses and humanity fields. In April 2022, we joint their project in providing school supplies (for the orphanage) and household supplies (for the victims of forest fires in South Sumatera, Indonesia. These programmes were done on-site with our volunteers to get involved in the distribution of supplies. It was a very heart-warming collaboration we had with these two community partners.


Lastly, in May 2022, we had our monthly EMJM mentorship programme and preparation of our community skills training. We invited organisation experts from Edu VanHub, Youth Climate Leaders from Portugal, Ocean Networks, Youth Break the Boundaries Foundation,, Erasmus Students Network (ESN) Azerbaijan, and informal higher education (village-based) from Indonesia. The training were conducted fully online with 98 registrants and 8 (eight) experts in the organisation and community fields.


Through our programmes, we hope to help young people equip necessary skills in personal, professional, and academic skills, as well as have the courage to continue learning or further decide to continue their studies at a higher level of education. Our project is a steppingstone to help contribute to strengthening Higher Education Quality through individual mentorship, increasing young people's skills through capacity-building activities, and introducing the Erasmus+ programme as one of way to expand young people’s (especially in Southeast Asia) participation in the programmes. Our next plan is to expand our international cooperation with communities and NGOs, as well as actively engage in youth capacity building in under-developed regions.  

Find out more about the project here

Athifah Utami Edysuyanto

05 June 2022 



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