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Spreading Erasmus+ in lockdown

The project consists of a series of online webinars led by OCEANS Network Representatives about the Erasmus+ program.

Spreading Erasmus+ in lockdown aims to fill the gap that was created by the pandemic due to limited access to onsite Erasmus promotion events, which took place with active perspective student involvement. Previously Erasmus+ promotion would be visible and available to them on the corridors of the universities, on student festivals and on international events, but now with the students no longer being on campus, many of them may lack knowledge on the program. The information campaign provides a series of webinars to spread awareness of the Erasmus+ program and a perspective of opportunities that future participants may benefit from.

The first webinar focuses on describing the Erasmus+ program in detail, the different activities existing under the Erasmus+ program, the eligibility criteria and practical tips on successful applications. The webinar would also provide access to a panel of experts who can answer the participants questions on related topics on the spot. The second webinar covers and introduces ESAA and its partner organizations. Each member organization will have at least one invited speaker to introduce their organization and give an overview of their student and alumni networks, activities and services. The third webinar will focus on Erasmus+ success stories, where members of OCEANS Network will share their experience of the exchange. How and why they applied for it, how they benefited from it personally and in their careers, and the opportunities they found after having such international experience. All three webinars are organized around the Erasmus Day in October 2021 and the webinars will be recorded and shared for those who did not manage to catch the live sessions.


Uswa Alhamid, Project Coordinator

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07 October 2021

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