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2022-10-10Project News

"Students4Students: Digitalisation’’ Educational Project for Students

"Students4Students: Digitalisation’’ is an innovative project which provides a unique opportunity for young students to become trainers and to transfer digital soft skills through the project website to young students with fewer opportunities.

Iren Sahakyan

The project was designed and implemented by the garagErasmus4Yerevan youth organisation.The organisation and its team members have already gained good experience in designing and implementing innovative educational projects mostly related to media and digital literacy, digital transformation, youth activism etc. Students4Students: Digitalisation consists of two central stages: Offline trainings and the creation/launch of website. In addition, there are also training-sessions with the second group of students in both online and offline formats.

Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing global problems today. There are many factors causing youth unemployment and one of the major factors is a lack of proper skill-sets, especially considering the current pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the challenge young people face to integrate into the fast growing digital era. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education system and the job market worldwide, hence new types of skills, particularly digital skills are necessary for young people to become more valuable for the labor market, as well as to facilitate the studying process in a new digital world.

Thanks to the professionalism of the garagErasmus4Yerevan experienced team, all the 8 general objectives were reached successfully:

  1. Training a group of young leaders (students) to become trainers of digital soft skills.
  2. Training a group of young leaders (students) to become speakers of Erasmus+ (focusing on the new Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027).
  3. Launching a professional work-space-website, which is the main working platform of the second stage of Students4Students project.
  4. Transforming the newly obtained digital soft skills to students with fewer opportunities.
  5. Creating a presentation about the new Erasmus+ programme for students with fewer opportunities.
  6. Employing the newly learnt skills in understanding the concept of individual mobility within Erasmus+.
  7. Developing, promoting and spreading ideas of digital transformation and digitalisation by using the acquired knowledge and skills.
  8. Promoting ecological awareness.

Without our partners, we couldn’t implement the project smoothly. The general partners of the project are OCEANS Network (Organisation for Cooperation, Exchange and Networking: Student & Alumni network of international exchange programmes), National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Armenia, ELDA Germany, the Made in Armenia social media channel and the Armenian Art Salon art/media initiative.

In the initial stage of the project we chose our first group of students – 4 student-leaders , who were to become trainers of digital soft skills and to pass their knowledge and skills onto disadvantaged students. There were 12 training-sessions, on the topics: Digital transformation, media literacy, Erasmus+, leadership, digital innovation, digital marketing, digital media management etc. These were followed by study visits and creative tasks, and the first group of students-leaders initiated the first webinar for the other 38 students. The topic of the first webinar was ‘The effective use of the digital tools during the crisis situation’. Apart from this, the student-leaders have also given a presentation about the Erasmus+ programme.

The project still continues, and soon more trainings will be organized. The project website will also be updated with new information about digitalisation, digital trends and Erasmus+ news.


Iren Sahakyan

edited by Service Provider

Yerevan, Armenia, 30th September 2022

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