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2023-11-23 Project News

Teacher Summit on Inclusive Pedagogy & School Management

The Teacher Summit on Inclusive Pedagogy & School Management was an event designed for primary school teachers working with vulnerable children in some of the most remote regions of Bangladesh. It was organised by Erasmus+ alumni members of the OCEANS network, with funding from the European Union through ESAA, in partnership with It's Humanity Foundation (IHF). The event gathered 60 teachers and took place on 28 September to 2 October 2023 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Oscar Boije

Even though Bangladesh has over the past decades achieved gender parity as well as almost universal access to primary education, children with disabilities continue to face significant barriers to their education and are significantly underrepresented in schools. Erasmus+ Alumni members of the OCEANS Network organized therefore on 28 September to 2 October 2023 the Inclusive Pedagogy & School Management Summit and brought together 60 primary education teachers with the objective of facilitating knowledge exchanges and practical learning related to the development and delivery of inclusive, quality education that targets children with special needs and disabilities. The project was organised in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the generous funding of the European Union through ESAA, and in partnership with It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF).

The event engaged teachers from different communities across the country in a series of interactive workshops and training sessions. These sessions empowered participants to identify pedagogical and management methodologies to enhance inclusion within their classrooms and schools. The training covered diverse themes, including inclusive lesson planning, interacting with students with special needs and disabilities, exploring learning domains and pedagogical theories, and developing leadership and management skills in classroom and school settings. The emphasis extended beyond academics, highlighting also community engagement and advocacy.

The project had tangible results, among others significantly enhancing the professional capacity and knowledge of 60 primary school teachers, equipping them with skills to advocate for inclusive education within their communities. Additionally, the project contributed to knowledge development on quality and inclusive education, setting the stage for sustained educational excellence within their respective schools. The establishment of networking platforms and promotion of knowledge exchange will also have a lasting impact, as the teachers will continue to foster collaborations and information sharing among themselves also in the future through the communication and exchange channels established.

The project was a true success as it contributed to several of ESAA’s objectives and clusters, including increasing social inclusion, empowerment, participation, and capacity building. More specifically, the project addressed equity concerns and aimed at better serving marginalised and vulnerable populations. Though the project targeted community primary teachers, the real beneficiaries of the activities will be the thousands of children across Bangladesh who will benefit from the teachers’ enhanced capacities to design and deliver quality, inclusive education. By supporting their education, these children will have access to better educational and personal opportunities in life, including aiming at attending higher education and even participating in international exchanges such as Erasmus+ in the future.


Oscar Boije

Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2nd of October 2023

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