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2021-10-12Project NewsGeneral News

The Wandering “Erasmus in Schools”

The project consists in organising meetings in high schools of the city of Alba, Italy

The main objective of the project The Wandering "Erasmus in Schools" is to promote the Erasmus+ Programme and European values in areas of the region Piedmont where communication on the topics is weaker than in big cities such as Turin. What is necessary to make the activity successful is the confirmation of the schedule with the schools previously contacted, the arrangements with the bus company and the venue, and the realization of merchandising for both high school and Erasmus students involved in the project. Also, the definition of the editorial plan for the sponsorship of the activity will have a great importance in its success.

The activity consists of three days of meetings of Erasmus students with local high school students to promote the Erasmus+ Programme. The strength of these meetings lies in the interactivity: indeed, it will not be a frontal lecture, but students will be encouraged to actively participate thanks to moments of reflection and quizzes. Throughout this activity, high school students will have the chance to come into contact with our association and with Erasmus students talking about the experiences they are making. The final result will be not only be the promotion of the Erasmus+ Programme in the area of the project, but also the promotion of multiculturalism and of some of the opportunities offered to university students.

12 Oktober 2021, Osama Al Hunaiti, Project Coordinator
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