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Third Call for ESAA Project Ideas 2021: Selected projects!

The projects submitted in the 3rd call of the ESAA Project Ideas were evaluated and we are pleased to announce the selected projects!

The evaluation of the ESAA Project Ideas submitted in the 3rd Call 2021 is ready. This is a selection of 11 projects out of 18 received in this call.  

The selection of projects involved the ESAA Liaison Group, the European Commission and the Service Provider, as it happened in the 1st and 2nd calls. In the next phase the implementation plan for the projects will be elaborated by the project coordinators together with the Service Provider. This process is planned to last around 6 weeks.  

Do you have an idea and want to share it with us? Please stay tuned, the next call for projects will be launched next week! 

We want to congratulate the selected projects and wish them a good elaboration and implementation phases! Stay tuned, you will know more about the projects and their implementation in the ESAA social media channels.  

Here the list of selected projects:  

  • We are International 
  • Belajar ke Eropa: Set up My Erasmus Journey! 
  • Edu VanHub:Media Literacy Interactive Video Courses 
  • Non-formal education: strategic approaches for external recognition 
  • INSPIRE - next gen training of trainers  
  • SAMISI - Stimulating Awareness on Migration through Integration and Social Inclusion  
  • EMN Capacity Development (EMN-CDev) 
  • The Erasmus Photovoice Workshops: An exploration of the acculturative experiences of Erasmus students in the COVID19 Pandemic using Photography as a cultural and intersectional lens. 
  • OCEANIA+ (OCEANS in Asia) 
  • Erasmus Mundus India Outreach 
  • Stand UP! - against hate speech 


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Cologne, Germany 11.11.2021

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