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2023-01-05 Project News

Training our best tool: Our trainers

During the year, ESN Spain worked to train the Pool of Trainers during a weekend so they could then share their knowledge across all the local associations in Spain.

  Andrea Fonseca

ESN Spain built a project based on the non-formal education of our trainers, trying to develop soft skills to train the rest of the volunteers. Hence the creation of the Training for Trainers Event, the first pillar of this project. This project focused on capacity building for ESN volunteers and the lack of recognition of the non-formal education experience that exists today.

The Training for Trainers Event was a 3-day event in which the Pool of Trainers of ESN Spain received training from external trainers of the CJE (Youth Council of Spain), who are professionals in this field. It was a meeting point for 25 people to discuss the importance of recognising the knowledge and skills they were going to learn and the tools and resources available to do so.

This project went further than just this event, as studytrips were carried out for 4 months for these participants to give trainings of their own training areas to our local associations. The main goal was not to practise the learned role, but rather to expand all ESN Spain volunteers to gain recognition for their non-formal education. This project was a great success, it allowed us to have our first Pool of Trainers Training (Training for Trainers) and it created a new learning framework for us. The impact it has had is immeasurable since the learnings from it are still being shared and applied across our organisation and reaching our +1000 volunteers. Moreover, it not only allowed us to train but to put it into practice as well. Being able to bring closer together the local volunteers and the Pool of Trainers. Without a doubt, it has been one of the great successes that we have been able to live in our association.

Madrid, Spain, December 27th 2022

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