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2022-08-12Project News

We are international!

A project targeting the african youth and promoting erasmus !

Rayan Chaaben

The idea of being international requires a lot of experiences in different places of the word , as well as flexibility in work environments and a strong capacity for adaptability. For this reason , promoting Erasmus as a unique programme that gives the opportunity to study in an international environment , with people from different backgrounds, is an objective of this seminar as it is an effective way for African youth in general, and students from Tunisia in particular, to know more about the programme, the academic offers, the personal development during and after the mobility...

The project structure is based on simple equation: when adding the knowledge and the techniques of well qualified trainers, with an international touch presented by speakers with different Erasmus experience, and with local students that they are not well informed about the programme, the result will be rising awareness of this students about taking part in such mobility programme. Moreover, with the set of activities that we plan to do (training, workshop, round table for discussion) the aim is to improve some important soft skills such as adaptability and communication, as well as to involve youth in a very urgent matter that impacts their future which is the assessment of education with emerging technologies. (Education 4.0).

Watch the official aftermovie here!

by Rayen Chaaben 

Cologne, Germany, 04.05.2022 

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